Matthew Waterfall

Group Manager, Order Acceptance

Matthew Waterfall is Russell Mineral Equipment’s Group Manager, Order Acceptance – a role that bridges the gap between RME’s Customer-facing sales function and the manufacturing capability to ensure a seamless, fluid data flow, from the customer request, right through to the delivery of a highly-specialised RUSSELL Mill Reline Machine.

Matthew and his 30-strong team are responsible for supporting opportunity and order development, managing the dynamic and complex contracts process, facilitating the handover of orders to manufacturing, ensuring stakeholder expectations are aligned, and contract deliverables are met. As part of this, Matthew ensures that RME capital sales are equipped to gather the information RME’s production teams need for effective scheduling, manufacturing and assembly, and confirms its accuracy before it is passed on to them. Matthew’s valuable Customer insights gained during throughout this process also contributes to considerable opportunities to innovate the manufacturing process, so that all RME Customers can benefit.

Matthew is a long-standing RME team member having been with the company for 11+ years. His global leadership qualities were first formed when Matthew was appointed RME’s inaugural Key Account Manager for EMEA, Russia and Mongolia in 2008. Matthew has also held the role of Group Sales and Marketing Manager from 2012 to 2016 and Commercial Manager Capital Equipment from 2016 to 2018.

Matthew’s career originally commenced in the Australia agricultural sector as an experimentalist with the CSIRO Tropical Beef Centre following the completion of a Bachelor of Agricultural Science, with Honours, from the University of Queensland in 1993. For the next 14 years Matthew would work for the Ridley Corporation Ltd, an Australian producer animal nutrients, ingredients and feeds for production of food from livestock, in sales and product and category management roles. Matthew then had a strong calling to make a career change and found RME. In his own words Matthew ‘feels extremely fortunate and has never looked back!’