David McKewen

General Manager, Sales - RME Mill Relining Systems

David is a sales professional and member of the RUSSELL MINERAL EQUIPMENT family since 2012. He enjoys the challenges and rewards of finding the appropriate Grinding Mill Relining solution for mine sites operations.

In particular, David has a desire to dig into Customer projects to understand their intent and mill maintenance needs, building long-term relationships along the way. RME has benefited from David’s ability to identify and deliver the necessary technology solutions to deliver real productivity and safety to the mine.

Collaboration and delivering productive outcomes “with business that understand our value proposition” is an area David finds the most enjoyment. Project Management (meeting key deliverables for both organisations) and an attention to detail are an absolute must in his role.

With strong interpersonal skills, and having the ability to communicate value at all levels, David delivers the necessary technology solutions to further RMEs brand within the Communition Community.