Tandra Coleman

Chief Manufacturing Officer and Chief Executive Team Member

At the heart of Russell Mineral Equipment’s reputation for exemplary levels of Customer service are the functions of engineering, manufacturing, supply and delivery. This is why Tandra Coleman is RME’s Chief Manufacturing Officer. Not only is Tandra known for making things better for her team and colleagues, but also for the RME Customers she serves. Tandra’s recent appointment to the RME Chief Executive Team is also testament to her unwavering engagement, enablement and energy.

In her broad-reaching role, Tandra leads the highly-innovative value stream that begins with RME’s technology capability, and ends with Customer delivery – capabilities that are tightly-aligned with RME's mission which is to visibly, defensibly and sustainably improve Customer's concentrator performance – and step-changes in safety – for RME’s 380 mine site Customers around the globe.

Day-to-day Tandra is responsible for ensuring RME has the capability to deliver its high-quality, purpose-built mill relining technologies and parts to Customers around the world – efficiently, reliably and safely. Her team is made up of engineering, technology specialists, production planning, procurement, inventory, warehouse, fabrication, machining, assembly, disassembly and packing, who work collaboratively to ensure RME delivers on its promise. Tandra understands these logistically-complex operations from her previous RME roles as Group Manufacturing Manager, Supply Chain Manager, and Inventory Controller since joining RME in 2011.

The movement of RME design and product from engineering to manufacturing, through supply and delivery, benefits greatly from Tandra's optimisations, LEAN practices and process-orientated abilities. Tandra is a Certified Supply Chain Professional by the Australasian Production and Inventory Control Society (APICS). She is also an Agile Project Management Practitioner, enabling her to combine the best of agile and traditional project management methodologies to deliver successful Customer outcomes.

Tandra is a strong role model, coach, mentor, strategic planner and skilful business analyst. Her extensive 23+ years in sales, global operations planning, and inventory management with a leading Australian broadacre seed supplier has seen her contribute to RME with critical advice, insights and knowledge. Her commitment to professional and personal excellence, and to safety, ensures her place on RME's Chief Executive Team is highly-valued. Tandra has an Associate Diploma from the University of Southern Queensland.