Cherylyn Russell

Chief Customer Officer and Chief Executive Team Member

Cherylyn Russell is Russell Mineral Equipment’s Chief Customer Officer and member of the Chief Executive Team (CET) – a position of instrumental importance to RME. In this role, Cherylyn works across multiple domains to make certain RME is consistently delighting its Customers – not just through their experience with the RME Mill Relining System, but at every touchpoint. As each minerals processing operation is unique, so too is every Customer journey. Providing genuine care and individualised satisfaction to these Customers requires sustained focus, dedication and a strongly-differentiated service. These are the true hallmarks of the Company’s 35+ year history and is what sets RME apart in the industry.

Cherylyn’s remit is the newly-formed Customer Group which operates to a customer-first mandate and includes Order Acceptance, Customer Experience, Product Management and Marketing, and Project Management. Cherylyn sees her role in this as empowering the people of RME to collaborate and deliver on the Company’s mission which is to visibly, defensibly and sustainably improve the Customers’ concentrator performance. As an authentic and humanistic mentor, Cherylyn is focused on building a tight-knit team who drive Customer empathy, adoption and engagement, not only through excellence in product and service delivery but through a meaningful commitment to safety and corporate responsibility, and strong ties to the regional communities in which the Company operates.

Just as important, however, is Cherylyn’s goal to nurture strong working relationships across RME’s global team – who ultimately make the RME mission possible. As such, her work with RME’s collaborative CET, the Customer Group, and RME’s People and Culture functions ensure integrity between the Company’s conduct and narrative, always.

Thoughtful creativity has always been at the heart of Cherylyn’s endeavours and an attribute she has brought to innovation-driven RME. Throughout the 90’s Cherylyn worked in art preservation, consultancy and advertising account management in Sydney, before moving to Toowoomba to own and operate a successful art restoration and consultancy business. Her business, Artshop, was instrumental in making her acquaintance with RME, initially as a supplier of design expertise and now as a pivotal part of the team. Since 2013 Cherylyn has deepened her engagement from her early involvement as a Marketing Consultant to Marketing Team Leader, Advisor to the RME Holdings Board, Group Manager Marketing Communications through to her appointment as Chief Customer Officer in 2020. RME has afforded Cherylyn the opportunity to combine her two great passions – working with an inspiring and committed team, and partnering with her husband, Dr John Russell, and the collaborative CET to build successful outcomes for RME staff, Customers, their families and communities.