Chief Executive Team

John Russell’s leadership of Russell Mineral Equipment has been a constant feature since he founded the company in 1985. An equally constant feature has been his collaboration with RME personnel throughout all areas and regions of the organisation. Acknowledging that leaders bring their unique strengths, but also their weaknesses, to their roles, John Russell has placed an emphasis on gathering the counsel of others. This collaborative style has ensured diversity of thought and protection from stagnation throughout the company’s history. Executive Director Dr Peter Rubie, RME’s Chief Engineer for over two decades, similarly enjoyed gathering diverse inputs during his tenure as RME’s General Manager (2013-2016) and also through his extensive engineering leadership.

Collaborative leadership as a style works successfully for RME due to the company’s identification with the Mittlestand company ethos and disposition. Mittlestand companies are a signature of the German economy, and have historically been a contributor to this country’s economic strength, representing medium-sized companies and viewed as an economic unit. RME identifies with many of the quantitative and qualitative features common to this type of company, including family ownership or a family-like corporate culture, long-term focus, lean hierarchies and investment into the workforce in order to retain institutional knowledge and foster sustainability. Collaborative leadership places emphasis on the professional development and career satisfaction of company personnel in order to build succession into the workforce, consistent with the generational continuity trait of successful Mittlestand companies.

Engineering at RME prospers from the career diversity of the members of this Area of Expertise; it’s another function within RME that derives dynamism through collaborative leadership.

RME’s Chief Executive Team brings together a small number of key RME executives who share RME’s leadership function with John Russell and report to RME’s Board of Directors.

John Russell, Founder and Managing Director

Dr John Russell is the Founder and Managing Director of Russell Mineral Equipment which he started from his home office in 1985. Through determined innovation, a single-minded vision to make the difficult job of mill relining easier, faster and safer, John has shaped RME to become the world’s leading design and manufacturer of grinding mill relining technologies.

John Russell

Tandra Coleman, Chief Manufacturing Officer

At the heart of Russell Mineral Equipment’s reputation for exemplary levels of Customer service are the functions of engineering, manufacturing, supply and delivery. This is why Tandra Coleman is RME’s Chief Manufacturing Officer. Not only is Tandra known for making things better for her team and colleagues, but also for the RME Customers she serves. Tandra’s recent appointment to the RME Chief Executive Team is also testament to her unwavering engagement, enablement and energy.

Tandra Coleman

John Howard, Chief Financial Officer

John Howard has been Russell Mineral Equipment’s Chief Financial Officer since 2009. John’s professionalism and steady financial management has played a key role in the successful growth and global expansion of RME’s operations over the last 10 plus years.

John Howard

Cherylyn Russell, Chief Customer Officer

Cherylyn Russell is Russell Mineral Equipment’s Chief Customer Officer and member of the Chief Executive Team (CET) – a position of instrumental importance to RME. In this role, Cherylyn works across multiple domains to make certain RME is consistently delighting its Customers – not just through their experience with the RME Mill Relining System, but at every touchpoint.

Cherylyn Russell

Michael Gavin, Chief Services Officer

Michael Gavin is Russell Mineral Equipment’s Chief Services Officer – a leadership role with full commercial responsibility RME’s Site Services and Optimisation (SS&O) value stream and vital position on the Chief Executive Team (CET).

Michael Gavin

Eddie Bosnjak, Chief Capital Business Officer

Eddie Bosnjak is Russell Mineral Equipment’s Chief Capital Business Officer and member of RME’s Chief Executive Team. In this role Eddie is responsible for the profitable, sustainable growth of RME’s capital equipment business and delivering commercial outcomes for Customers and stakeholders.

Eddie Bosnjak