RUSSELL TWIN 8 Mill Relining Machine

RUSSELL TWIN Mill Relining Machines are two independent machines operating together. Separate beams and base units ensure that the deflection from the operation of one machine does not affect and hence slow the operation of the other machine.

RUSSELL TWIN 8 Mill Relining Machines deliver the world’s fastest liner placement rates by virtue of the telescoping grapple functions and productivity of two independent Mill Relining Machines.

The telescoping grapple (eighth axis) enables rapid installation of deep-section, discharge-end liners and the 2 or 4 pin powered pinning tool provides fast and secure liner engagement and disengagement.

RME’s RUSSELL TWIN 8 Mill Relining Machines feature liner lifting capacities including 3500kg, 4500kg, 6000kg and 8000kg (on each of the two machines), and typically access the mill cavity from the mill feed end.

Each machine is fitted with a THUNDERBOLT Hydraulic Power Pack delivering powerful, reliable and precise control.

RME's Mill Relining System is customised to exactly suit the unique layout and dimensions of each mineral concentrator, its floor plan and its grinding mills. Contact us today.

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