Russell Mineral Equipment (RME) hosted it's second TOTC (THINK OUTSIDE THE CIRCLE) event for 2018 on Wednesday 5th & Thursday 6th of September. TOTC events provide delegates with an unparalleled opportunity to meet with RME’s thought leadership and technical expertise teams, including Chief Engineer Peter Rubie, CEO Paul Avey and Senior Design Engineers Steven Lablack, Brett Salomon, and Andrew Tuxford among others.

RME's Technology Group is very strong and the outputs from this team, led by Senior Engineers, have resulted in the game-changing INSIDEOUT Technology group of products and technologies as well as the range of new RUSSELL SAFETY products. THUNDERBOLT SKYWAY is RME’s semi-automated guidance and suspension system for THUNDERBOLT Hammers and when combined with INSIDEOUT Technology elements, permits relining without anyone inside the Mill.

The comprehensive two day agenda included workshops, presentations and practical demonstrations, with topics such as Enhancing mill relining safety with RUSSELL SAFETY Products, 21st Century Relining: Combining technologies to create Single Piece Flow and Maximising concentrator performance with leading edge technology platforms discussed.

This future of mill relining technology is upon us and TOTC events showcase start-of-the-art 21st Century Mill Relining methods. Please enjoy the gallery of images below from TOTC September.