Safety leadership at RME


All mineral ore is processed through grinding mills, but the liners suffer high wear rates and need to be changed regularly. One of the greatest dangers associated with mill relining is the risk of crush injury, and that’s why our purpose has always been to create technologies and services that help protect relining crews.

Safety is at the heart of what we do

We work with our Customers to optimise their mineral processing operations and focus on improved mill availability and safer working environments. Since the introduction of RME’s Mill Relining System, we’ve halved and then quartered traditional mill relining times. Each element of this system improves efficiency and increases mill availability. Built for durability and reliability, our equipment gives crews greater confidence to safely complete relining activities.

In addition, many health and safety issues associated with manual relining activities have been eliminated. RME INSIDEOUTTM Technology is taking Customers into an even safer, more high performing future, by removing people from inside the mill during operation.

Leveraging technologies to increase safety

We offer a range of RUSSELL Safety products as standard on our range of RUSSELL Mill Relining Machine (MRMs), including:

  • RME EYE Visibility Camera System that improves the RUSSELL MRM operator’s view of critical working areas. The distinct advantage is the ability to spot personnel in potentially dangerous situations, in order to take fast action to prevent injuries.
  •    Magnet-based work lights that support fast, effective relining and other maintenance tasks on a 24/7 basis. By creating a brighter and safer site environment, we help reduce injuries associated with poor visibility.

We also offer optional features that can be customised to suit the unique size and layout of your site, such as:

  • RUSSELL CHARGE ACCESS, a lightweight safety solution that can be dropped over the linercart rail for easy access to the charge from the RUSSELL MRM beam. With a strong frame for moveability, it removes the dangers of a lean-to ladder perched on an uneven charge.
  • RUSSELL Height Safety offers protection for travel along the RUSSELL MRM beam. The RUSSELL MRM operator has flexibility and security without inhibiting their movement.
  • RUSSELL RESCUE RAISE, a mobile jib and stretcher system for responding to a medical emergency inside the mill. It plugs into the RUSSELL MRM for strength and speed, and is light enough to carry and easy to assemble.
  •    LED light pole that delivers light from a high vantage point for safer operation, and is favoured by Customers wanting greater coverage of light across the work area.
  • RUSSELL MILLBRITE In-Mill Lighting, designed to vastly boost visibility inside dark and potentially dangerous mills. With greater luminosity than conventional spotlights, MILLBRITE improves safety by providing a ‘near-daylight’ experience all the time.

Want to know more?

Please contact us to find out how the RUSSELL Safety range can be customised to suit your needs.