RME acts to preserve jobs and the future of global company operations


As a result of the economic impact of COVID-19, including the consequential response from government and industry, Russell Mineral Equipment (RME) is acting swiftly and prudently to maintain its customers’ business continuity, as well as the vast majority of our valued employees’ jobs and the value of the company for the future.

RME is committed to reducing the spread and impact of the virus, including prioritising business continuity for its customers, and the health, safety and wellbeing of its customers, vendors, people, families and communities.

Since December 2019, the company has closely followed and implemented the advice from the World Health Organisation, and government and medical authorities in the jurisdictions in which it operates, in relation to COVID-19.

However, as a result of the continued spread of the virus, and the consequential announcements and directions from government, RME is activating the next phase of its contingency plans, including a reduction in employment costs by standing down some staff as required, and including a small number of retrenchments. These measures have been taken by RME to maintain its customers’ business continuity, the jobs of its employees and the value of the company for the future.

RME Executive Chairman and Managing Director, John Russell, described the current situation faced by the global community as unprecedented.

“From the beginning, RME’s response to the novel coronavirus has been centred on reducing the spread and impact of the virus,” Russell said.

“As the virus has continued to spread, we have also acted quickly to implement a range of initiatives to maintain our customers’ business continuity, in addition to our employees’ jobs, and the value of our company for the future.

“As you would imagine, these are not easy decisions, and we take these decisions with the best interests’ of our people and customers in mind. 

“Our single focus – across the entire company – must be continuing to deliver exceptional customer outcomes to secure our company’s future, while positioning us to grow and thrive when we transition from COVID-19.

“Our 35-year history, extensive experience, and mature systems, processes, people and relationships mean we’re well placed to manage through and thrive in challenging times.”