400th RUSSELL Mill Relining Machine


On Friday 11 May 2018, RME commemorated the completion of Machine #400, with a family-friendly event that not only focused on this milestone, but recognised the valuable contribution of RME personnel and their families to the company.

Established in 1985 in Toowoomba by Mechanical Engineer, Dr John Russell, RME has continued to grow from strength to strength.

In 2007, the 100th RUSSELL Mill Relining Machine was built for Gibraltar Mine in British Columbia, Canada. With the approval of Gibraltar Mine site management, it was painted gold to commemorate its place in RME history.

In 2010, RME built its 200th RUSSELL MRM, a RUSSELL 7, for BHP Billiton’s Kambalda Nickel Mine, Western Australia.

2013 marked the completion of RME’s 300th RUSSELL MRM for Dugald River Mine in North-West Queensland.

Only 5 years later, RME celebrated the very special milestone of completing their 400th RUSSELL MRM.

Dr Russell believes that the company’s success has been driven by the passion of RME’s personnel to serve their Customers, guided by RME’s Mission Statement, ‘to visibly, defensibly and sustainably improve our Customers’ concentrator performance.’

“Since the introduction of the RME Mill Relining System with the very first RUSSELL Mill Relining Machine in 1990, traditional mill relining times have been quartered and many health and safety hazards have been eliminated.”

“The completion of RUSSELL Mill Relining Machine #400 is key milestone for RME and a great opportunity to celebrate the safety advances that have been made in the dangerous task of mill relining in the mineral processing industry."

Northern Star is a global-scale Australian gold producer with projects located in the regions of Western Australia and the Northern Territory. The 400th RUSSELL MRM is destined for Northern Star's Kanowna Belle mine site which is situated in the Eastern Goldfields of Western Australia, approximately 18 kilometres northeast of Kalgoorlie.