RME's RUSSELL TWIN 8 Mill Relining System feature liner lifting capacities from 3500kg to 8000kg (on each of the two machines), and typically access the mill cavity from the mill feed end. TWIN machines are suitable for large SAG and AG mills, and deliver the world's fastest liner placement rates by virtue of the telescoping grapple functions and Twin Machine productivity.

The RUSSELL TWIN 8 Mill Relining System features two separate machines. Separate beams ensure that the operation of one machine does not provide deflection and slow the operation of the other machine.

Each machine is fitted with a hydraulic Power Pack delivering powerful, reliable and precise control. The RUSSELL TWIN 8 Mill Relining Machine comes standard with 4x2 large rubber tyres, 4 wheel steer, 2 wheel drive bases.


The RUSSELL TWIN 8 Mill Relining System offers significant advantages over other 'double grapple' machines. Two machines offer complete duplication of all systems and result in improvements in areas such as:

  • Two independent liner carts removes the potential bottlenecks in moving liners in and out of the mill
  • Two independent reline crews can operate each machine without hindering the operation of the other crew
  • In the scenario where one of the machines is not operable, the other machine can remain in place relining that half of the mill. The telescoping grapple (eighth axis) for easier placement of discharge end liners and the 2 or 4 pin powered pinning tool provides fast and secure liner engagement.


Options to customise

Additional options offered to the standard fittings specification include:

  • Tiedown plates to suit multiple mill operation
  • Radio control
  • Removable stairs
  • Joystick operators console
  • Machine covers
  • Charge access ladder


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