MILLMAST Powershift

The MILLMAST Powershift is the in-mill erected liner handler which suits small to medium mills with high ball charge levels. Erected in minutes and able to handle liners weighing up to 400kg, MILLMAST Powershift eliminates all manual liner lifting. Power is sourced from the MILLMAST Powerpack placed outside the mill.

The MILLMAST Powershift has been designed to minimise component weight for fast and safe set up by two men. Trained operators can erect the MILLMAST Powershift in less than five minutes, and are assisted by the equipment's low centre of gravity, and built-in bubble level.

Two base heights help to accommodate varied charge heights. When raised beyond recommended working limits, the chrome mast has a bronze section which indicates that this limit is approaching.

The operator uses a pendant control allowing visibility and control of the mast which slews more than 360 degrees, and the boom, which has three sections to allow a greater range of extension. The pendant control has built in safety features including warning lights, audible warning and quick connect plugs.

MILLMAST Powershift is safe, designed to exceeding the required mast holding force by four times. In the unlikely event of a cable failure, the hydraulic cylinders fail to safe. Mast pressure monitoring automatically maintains mast pressure, and the large accumulator on the MILLMAST Powerpack maintains system pressure should the power supply fail. The low noise Powerpack design is mounted on wheels, has lifting points and forklift channels.

If a man can enter the mill, so can MILLMAST Powershift.

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