THUNDERBOLT 750 Special Performance Recoilless Hammer

RME’s THUNDERBOLT 750 Special Performance Recoilless Hammer replaces heavy manual sledge hammers, hydraulic rock breakers, jack hammers, and heavy battering rams by delivering a high momentum 750 Joule blow, twice per second. This hammer is suitable for larger mills with heavier liners and large liner bolts, where sledge hammers are of limited use and battering rams a very unsafe alternative.

The THUNDERBOLT 750 delivers 750 Joule blows at a rate of 90 blows per minute, or five times the energy delivery of a 6kg (14lb) manual sledge hammer three times every two seconds. The THUNDERBOLT 750 will remove bolts and liners that are extremely difficult to move by sledge hammering or pneumatic breakers. RME strongly recommends the use of the THUNDERBOLT Moil Axis Guide (T-MAG) along with the THUNDERBOLT Recoilless Hammers to improve safety and efficiency.

Each THUNDERBOLT 750 hammer requires a THUNDERBOLT Special Performance Power Pack which can be specified to accept any standard 3 phase supply (380, 415, 480, 525, 575, 600 Volts at 50 or 60 Hz).


THUNDERBOLT 750 hammers can be supported by overhead crane (only recommended for initial trial, since the crane is a scarce resource in a shut down situation), THUNDERBOLT Twin Tube Monorail or Telescoping Hydraulic Jib. For information regarding hammer suspension options, please refer to Suspension Options.

Hammer Applications

The THUNDERBOLT 750 Special Performance Recoilless Hammer has revolutionised worn liner and liner bolt removal on all types of mills across the entire size range. The THUNDERBOLT 750 has also found application in tasks as diverse as; heavy earthmoving equipment maintenance and cone crusher maintenance (mantle nut removal).

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