THUNDERBOLT 500 Recoilless Hammer

RME’s THUNDERBOLT 500 Recoilless Hammer replaces heavy manual sledge hammers, pneumatic breaker hammering and heavy battering rams by delivering a 500 Joule blow once every second. This hammer is suitable for all size mills and liners where sledge hammers are of limited use and battering rams a very unsafe alternative.

RME’s THUNDERBOLT 500 Recoilless Hammer is powered by compressed air from the plant supply. Concentrator plant air can vary enormously in terms of supply pressure and available flow. The THUNDERBOLT 500 is supplied with an air intensifier which ensures full hammer performance from plant air pressures as low as 485kPa (70psi). It replaces sledge hammers, jack hammers and heavy battering rams by delivering a precise, high energy (500 Joule) blow sixty times per minute. This is equivalent to a strong man striking vertically down with a 6kg (14lb) sledge hammer, aided by gravity. The THUNDERBOLT 500 delivers this energy horizontally and continuously, sixty times a minute.

RME strongly recommends the use of the THUNDERBOLT Moil Axis Guide along with the THUNDERBOLT 500 Recoilless Hammers to improve safety and efficiency.


THUNDERBOLT 500 hammers can be supported by overhead crane (only recommended for initial trial, since the crane is a scarce resource in a shutdown situation), THUNDERBOLT Twin Tube Monorail or THUNDERBOLT Mobile Elbow Jib.

Hammer Application

The THUNDERBOLT 500 will find immediate application on any mill currently serviced by manual sledge hammering. Designed originally for use on smaller mills, the THUNDERBOLT 500 has proved an effective companion to the THUNDERBOLT 1500 Special Performance Recoilless Hammer and THUNDERBOLT 750 Special Performance Recoilless Hammer on the largest mills in the world. The THUNDERBOLT 500 has also found application in many tasks where an easily controlled, sustained high energy impact is required. For further details or installation data please refer to vendor data drawings which can be provided upon request.

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