THUNDERBOLT 250 Recoilless Hammer

The THUNDERBOLT 250 Recoilless Hammer is strong and portable, the ‘Sledgehammer for the 21st Century’. No more back breaking manual hammering, the THUNDERBOLT 250 provides repeatable and precisely directed 250 joule blows continually.

An exciting addition to the THUNDERBOLT Recoilless Hammer range, the THUNDERBOLT 250 makes for easy and safe liner bolt removal in small to mid-size grinding mills. The THUNDERBOLT 250 has also proved itself a reliable and smart choice for other work applications wherever sledgehammers are currently used.

  • The THUNDERBOLT 250 is light, weighing just 20kg.
  • It does not require suspension (although it can be suspended if facilities are available).
  • It is most effectively used by two operators.
  • The THUNDERBOLT 250 is portable and can be set up in minutes. It comes with an integrated THUNDERBOLT Power Pack and trolley and can be easily wheeled around site. The trolley is also fitted with a lifting hook for transportation between levels by crane.
  • Compressed air supply is all that is required:
    • Plant air quality is sufficient with no need for instrument air.
    • 586 kPa (85psi) input required.
    • 220 L/min (7.8 cfm).

A good operator can only consistently deliver sledge hammer blows horizontally with and energy of 100 to 150 joules. The THUNDERBOLT 250 provides repeatable, reliable, hammering force for long periods of time without tiring. The THUNDERBOLT 250 is ergonomically superior, with greatly reduced body impact and strain compared to manual sledge hammering.

The THUNDERBOLT 250 is robust. Trialled extensively, the THUNDERBOLT 250 has shown that its construction is easily able to withstand the tough environment of a mine site. It has proven its ability to repeatedly deliver the rated 250 joule blows over extended periods of use.

Hammer Applications

The THUNDERBOLT 250 will find immediate application on any mill currently serviced by manual sledge hammering. It can be used in a variety of applications and is not limited to the ‘traditional’ THUNDERBOLT applications of grinding mill bolt knock-out.

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