RUSSELL Multi-Wheel Feed Chute Transporter

RUSSELL Multi-Wheel Feed Chute Transporter

The transportation of a large fully choked feed chute will exert one of the largest floor loads in a modern mineral processing plant. The range of RUSSELL Multi Wheel Feed Chute Transporters (FCT) significantly reduces the floor point loads by increasing the number of wheels and introducing load distribution technology. The potential savings in plant floor construction costs are enormous.

The RME Multi Wheel Feed Chute Transporters can be selected to find the most economical solution for the floor capacity of each concentrator plant. RME's range (capable of bearing specified load tonnages) of multi wheeled transporters reduce the floor load to within economic floor load limits by:

  • Providing the ability to reposition the feed chute anywhere while maintaining a relatively low and even distribution of floor load
  • Utilising an increased number of independently supported wheels that distribute the load evenly without the need for a perfectly flat floor
  • Supporting the feed chute more centrally, and as such, maintaining an even wheel load across all wheels

They also offer the advantage of a reduced clearance width due to compact design, as the transporter wheels are mounted directly under main load support beams rather than beside the beam.

RME’s RUSSELL Multi-Wheel Feed Chute Transporters are available in 40, 60, 80 and 100 tonne feed chute capacities.

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