RUSSELL Classic Feed Chute Transporter

RUSSELL Classic Feed Chute Transporter

The ability of the RUSSELL Classic Feed Chute Transporters (FCT) to safely and quickly extract and completely remove a mills feed chute away from a mill greatly enhances the start of the reline process and the space available in front of the mill for relining access.

This solution features very large front wheels which are powered but do not steer and smaller rear wheels which are unpowered but do steer. Around 80% of the feed chute’s weight will be borne by the front wheels of the FCT.

RME’s large rubber tyred RUSSELL Classic FCT are available in 40, 60 and 80 Tonne capacities, in 2WD and 4WD and with a choice of power sources including on-board diesel engine, self contained electric and auxiliary hydraulic connection to a RUSSELL Mill Relining Machine. These versatile RUSSELL Classic FCT can service many mills on one site and can negotiate floor grades, modest steps and ore spillage.

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