Our Values

At RME, we are dedicated to improving our Customers’ concentrator performance with exceptional care, technical support and customised engineering solutions. Our values reflect the culture that we encourage and celebrate, and the experience we are creating for our people and Customers.

The way we do things at RME:



  • Work diligently and cooperatively to keep ourselves, our colleagues and our Customers safe.
  • Ensure that safety is integrated in product design and at every step of our manufacturing process and service delivery.
  • Embrace and promote a culture of safety in the workplace and beyond.



  • Discovers a solution that is right for our Customer.
  • Comes up with useful ideas that are new, better or unique.
  • Introduces new ways of looking at problems and new ways of doing things.
  • Can take a creative idea and put it into practice.
  • Encourages diverse thinking to promote and nurture innovation.



  • Build trust by staying committed to doing the right thing for the business consistently.
  • Will take responsibility for our results and outcomes.
  • Won’t assume it’s up to management to pick up the slack.



  • Consistent and do what we say we will do.
  • Manage our lives so that we are ready for duty.
  • Are straight and genuine – phoniness shows and overcommitting lets people down.


Juntos ‘Together’ 

  • Work cooperatively with others across the organisation to achieve shared objectives.
  • Represent our own interests while being fair to others and their areas.
  • Partner with others to get work done.
  • Credit others for their contribution and accomplishments.
  • Gain trust and support of others.