Leadership Team

Andrew Ball

Group Manager Asset Support

Andrew is responsible for the management of RME’s technical service operations. Andrew leads a dedicated team of asset support engineers and service delivery specialists who collaborate with RMEs Regional General Managers and Customer Support Technicians to deliver technology upgrades, major technical service programs, and day-to-day engineering support. Prior to joining RME, he worked for Hastings Deering, MANITOU BF and in multiple roles at J.C. Bamford Excavators Ltd (JCB). Andrew holds a Master of Business Administration and a Diploma of Project Management. 

Cherylyn Russell

Chief Customer Officer and Chief Executive Team Member

Cherylyn works across multiple domains to ensure RME delivers a great experience for all of our Customers. She drives engagement and empathy, not only through excellence in product and service delivery, but through a meaningful commitment to safety, corporate responsibility and building strong ties to local communities. Thoughtful creativity has always been at the heart of Cherylyn’s endeavours – in the 1990s, she worked in art preservation, consultancy and advertising account management in Sydney, before building a successful art restoration and consultancy business in Toowoomba.

Eddie Bosnjak

Chief Sales Officer and Chief Executive Team Member

Eddie is responsible for the profitable, sustainable growth of RME’s capital and Site, Service & Optimisation (SSO) equipment businesses and delivering commercial outcomes for Customers and stakeholders. Eddie drives global sales leadership and operational excellence across the capital and SSO business teams, ensuring they have the insight, capacity and capability to deliver for Customers. Prior to joining RME, he worked with the Commonwealth Bank of Australia in Relationship Management, Business Development, Senior Regional and Executive Leadership. He has a Bachelor of Business (Accounting, Banking and Finance) and is a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD).

Geoff Wadsworth

General Manager Manufacturing

Geoff leads RME’s manufacturing function and is responsible for optimising manufacturing efficiency. Geoff is a senior supply chain professional and throughout his career he has managed multi-site operations plans for daily fresh supply and make to stock environments. He has extensive experience in using MRP Methodologies and real work processes for building solid finished goods and raw materials plans.

John B. Howard

Chief Financial Officer and Chief Executive Team Member

John (or JB) has been RME’s Chief Financial Officer since 2009. John’s professionalism, perspective and steady financial management have played a key role in the sustainable growth and global expansion of business operations. He has over 30 years of accounting, finance and administration experience working in public practice as well as in the agricultural, manufacturing and distribution industries. He is a Chartered Accountant, a Fellow of the Governance Institute of Australia and holds a Bachelor of Business (Accounting).

Manuel Galvez

Regional General Manager, South America

Manuel coordinates RME’s efforts to build the RME Mill Relining System brand in South America and raise awareness of our unique value proposition in a region with vast mineral resources. He joined RME in 2010 and balances business development initiatives with delivery of world-class aftermarket services to our clients. He manages a team of more than 70 people across two offices in Chile, plus the RME Peru office in Lima, and has developed his knowledge and skills in a mix of customer-facing and operationally-critical roles. Prior to joining RME, Manuel worked extensively in administrative management in the Chilean mining sector, seeing first-hand the complexities of substantial minerals processing operations. He has a Bachelor in Education and English Teaching.  

Matthew Waterfall

Group Manager, Order Acceptance

Matthew’s role bridges the gap between RME’s Customer-facing sales function and the manufacturing capability to ensure a seamless flow from request to delivery of the highly-specialised RUSSELL Mill Relining Machine. Matthew leads a team that manages the contracts process, facilitates the handover of orders to manufacturing and ensures deliverables and expectations are met. He has a Bachelor of Agricultural Science, and worked in the Australian agricultural sector for many years before joining RME.

Philip Van Vuuren

Regional General Manager, Africa and South Africa

Philip is responsible for RME’s operations in Africa, which is aimed at optimisation programs for mine sites and comminution clients, and fast, reliable and safe grinding mill operations in the region. He has vast experience in the African and South African mining sector, working 25+ years for mine sites and mining OEMs. This has provided him with a solid foundation and unique knowledge of the regional market and its challenges. Prior to joining RME, Philip worked for HCI Coal, Sentula Mining, Sandvik and in roles for Anglo America. He has a degree in Mining and Mineral Engineering.

Mark Warrener

Regional General Manager, APAC/EMERU

Mark’s role is to orchestrate RME’s aftermarket operations and provide strong safety and operational leadership across Asia Pacific and the rest of the world. Prior to this, Mark was responsible for managing and guiding the delivery of onsite services for the RME Mill Relining System and related technologies for mine site clients in these markets. Mark joined RME in 2008. His highly-practical training as an automotive mechanic and workshop manager in the 1990s provided a firm foundation for his future path at RME, which commenced on the assembly floor learning about RME’s machines from the inside out, before moving into customer support. He has a deep understanding of the business and a calm approach to forming strong relationships and delivering on commercial outcomes.

Owen Flemming

President – RME North America

Owen has been part of the fabric of RME for longer than most, having started as a Cadet Engineer back in 2004. After learning the ropes, he developed his knowledge and experience in engineering, customer support and management roles, and as RME’s Value Stream Manager for the THUNDERBOLT Recoilless Hammer brand. Today he leads the team delivering mill reline solutions and optimisation programs to Customers in the North American market. Owen’s primary mission is to grow the RME Mill Relining Systems brand. This includes supporting existing Customers with spare parts and technical services, as well as growing relationships with new mine sites, projects and EPCM’s to build strong preference for RME’s exceptionally-engineered machines. He holds a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering and a Diploma of Management.