Company Directives

Overview of the RME Integrated Management System

The RME Quality, Safety and Environmental Management System is integrated and certified in accordance with ISO 45001, ISO 14001 and ISO 9001. This includes the design, production, Customer support and service of specialist mining and mineral processing equipment in Toowoomba. The Integrated Management System, hereafter called “the management system”, contains no exclusions. It is applicable for all areas of RME’s business operations in Australia. International Regional Service Centres form part of the RME Management System with the view of future inclusion into the RME Australia scope for individual certification.

Workplace Health and Safety Directive

A key objective of RME is to achieve zero work related injuries and illnesses in the workplace. To ensure this objective is achieved, RME reviews workplace health and safety (WHS) objectives each year for adequacy with respect to WHS performance and compliance with legislation and other requirements.
Using a risk managed approach, RME undertakes to provide:

  • sufficient competent staff
  • safe systems of work at all RME sites
  • safe work environment at all RME sites
  • safe plant, equipment, tools and personal protective equipment
  • safe use, handling, storage and disposal of substances
  • adequate information and training
  • appropriate supervision and enforcement of policies and procedures to ensure safe work practices
  • a system for eliminating or minimising hazards
  • annual auditing of safety management systems

The RME Management Team is committed to ensuring a safe, supportive, protective and healthy working environment including a commitment to consultation and participation of workers and workers’ representatives. Managers, Supervisors, Coordinators and Team Leaders have overall responsibility for the provision of a safe and healthy working environment and are accountable for health and safety performance and ensuring the Workplace Health and Safety Management System is working effectively. Employees have an obligation under their respective in-country legislation to maintain healthy and safe workplace behaviour including:

  • using personal protective equipment if the equipment is provided by RME and the employee is properly instructed in its use
  • not wilfully or recklessly interfering with or misusing anything provided for workplace health and safety
  • not wilfully placing at risk the health and safety of any person at the workplace
  • not wilfully injuring themselves
  • a commitment to eliminate hazards and reduce WHS risks

Persons other than an employee, including students, visitors, contractors and suppliers must comply with the standards applying at the workplace and obey safety directions at all RME locations. RME makes the above commitment and in doing so seeks the full support and cooperation of all personnel. Our Workplace Health and Safety Management System and continual improvement philosophy support this policy.

Environmental Directive

A key objective of RME is to minimise undesirable effects on the environment in every part of its operations. To achieve this objective, RME is committed to providing the necessary resources to ensure that at RME workplaces, the impact on the environment is minimised and pollution is prevented at every opportunity.

Product design is considered to be one of RME’s competitive advantages in the marketplace, so it is imperative to consider the environmental impacts of these designs. RME will incorporate environmental risk minimisation into the design of new products and where applicable and practical, redesign existing products and processes to minimise their environmental effects.

RME undertakes to:

  • comply with applicable laws, regulations and relevant Australian, International and Industry Standards, and other requirements
  • establish measurable objectives and targets to ensure continual improvement of environmental performance and prevention of pollution
  • assess new materials and/or processes prior to use
  • seek ways to minimise the consumption of resources
  • seek ways to minimise the production of emissions and wastes requiring disposal and to provide and support training programs to promote an environmentally friendly workplace
  • integrate environmental, safety and quality systems to provide efficiencies in management
  • obtain and maintain and certification of the RME Environmental Management System to ISO 14001 standard requirements.

The RME Management Team is committed to minimising environmental harm. Managers, Supervisors, Coordinators and Team Leaders have overall responsibility for executing environmentally safe procedures and are accountable for ensuring the Environmental Management System is working effectively.

RME makes the above commitments and in doing so, expects the full support and cooperation of all employees, visitors and contractors.

Quality Directive

A key objective of RME is to understand and meet the Customers’ requirements. Requirements are addressed through the application of systems, procedures and engagement, to ensure the quality and service commitment to Customers is achieved at all stages of Lean production.
RME undertakes to:

  • comply with applicable laws, regulations and relevant Australian, International and Industry Standards (including ISO 9001), and other requirements
  • utilise the principles of continuous improvement and make best use of our resources
  • communicate quality objectives and performance throughout the organisation and to interested third parties
  • take due care to ensure that activities are safe for employees, contractors and suppliers and others who come into contact with the work place
  • work closely with Customers and suppliers to establish quality standards
  • make future business decisions considering the potential impacts to our quality processes
  • train our staff in the needs and responsibilities of quality management
  • encourage participation of all employees, contractors and suppliers in the Quality Management System to ensure that everyone’s efforts build on RME objectives and performance

Objectives will be set each year as part of the planning process. RME believes in having a balanced set of key performance indicators.

Each year targets will be set with resources and responsibilities allocated to personnel, to ensure standards are met, value is added and waste reduced to meet key milestones. Progress towards these targets is evaluated, reviewed and communicated throughout the year.