About RME

We design, build and service mill relining technologies that reduce fatal risk and deliver greater mill availability through fast, reliable and safe relines. 

RUSSELL MINERAL EQUIPMENT’s (RME’s) renowned high-quality equipment and services help our Customers to increase productivity and lower risks. The liners inside hard rock mineral grinding mills suffer high wear rates and require regular changing. RME offers a safe and innovative approach to liner removal and replacement, while reducing down time and improving mill availability.

Safe, efficient relining

Since the introduction of the RME Mill Relining System in 1990, we’ve halved and then quartered traditional mill relining times. In addition, many health and safety issues associated with manual relining activities have been eliminated.

For more than 35 years, we’ve worked with hundreds of global mine sites to optimise their mineral processing operations. Our mission is to work with you to create high production rates, short shutdowns and safe working environments.

Supporting our Customers

Custom designed RUSSELL Mill Relining Machines (MRMs)

Majority are still in service and fully supported

Mine sites served by RME equipment and services

Countries with RME operations

International Sales and Service Centres

Employees worldwide

Why choose RME?


We improve productivity with automated tools and new technologies that speed up the replacement of liners. That means greater mill availability and faster relines. 



Our custom-designed RUSSELL MRMs are built tough. We use a specially developed protective coating on our equipment that creates a durable barrier to the harsh and corrosive mill environment. That’s just one reason why our machines last longer and develop fewer issues.

With dedicated service technicians and Customer support, we’ve kept mills turning for over 35 years. New technology upgrades help to overcome performance variance and ensure relines are reliably completed on or ahead of time.


Our RME Mill Relining System has evolved over time, with the aim of moving people completely out of the mill. We’ve introduced innovations like RME INSIDEOUT Technology, which drastically improves safety by enabling relining from outside the mill.

RME technologies and services have global accreditation and compliances. By understanding our Customers’ challenges, we’re able to deliver machines and upgrades that eliminate or reduce operational and safety risks. We offer repairs, testing and a range of accessories for ongoing performance and longevity of assets.